• Train (i.e., disciple) Christians to be Pastors, Evangelists, Teachers, Prophets and Apostles to go into the harvest field and to reap the harvest and disciple others and plant more churches.  (In other words, to disciple the end time army and send them back out to reap the harvest and to make more disciples and plant more churches.  And to teach them how to replicate the model and to evangelize and plant more churches.
  • United church meetings or prayer meetings with all the churches surrounding the Quimistan/Penalejo/San Marcos/Camalote area.
  • Hold night (evangelistic) meetings to give the Holy Spirit a place to pour Himself out on all flesh and to show Himself strong with signs, wonders and miracles of salvation, healing and deliverance.
  • Once-a-week (on Sunday night) meeting for all the cell groups of the NLMI Camalote church.
  • Conferences and retreats for various groups, such as teenagers, women, men, pastors, leaders, etc.  (These will involve training also.)
  • Rent out the facility to groups such as businessmen who want a large place to meet (i.e, secular meetings),

2.  Who will be doing the training?

Missionary James Young and various pastors, evangelists, missionaries and teachers (nationals).  Sometimes movies via projectors or training media piped in from the Internet.  Sometimes guest teachers from the States, etc.

3.  Subjects of the Trianing and material, etc?

See above.

4.  Why a 3,200 seat arena.

The Lord told me to make it 200 feet in diameter and that is just the number of chairs we can get into that size area.  As part of the vision to It  add a balcony to hold approx. 4,500 people.   This structure will be a multi-purpose building.

5.  Why not enclose the sides to protect people from the elements outside, storms, rain, etc. Not to mention if electrical equipment is used inside, for protection as well.

Keeping the construction cost down is of prime importanc. Open sided buildings are common here, and this is the cheapest type of large building we can build.  Electrical equipment is not in danger, because rain does not blow in from the outside, and the equipment will be moved to the storage area at the end of each evening’s service.  (The open-sided concept was spoken out by one of the pastors in the very beginning, and I took it to be a prophecy from the Lord.)  The building could be closed in later simply by building concrete block walls, but then it would be much too hot in the summer.  There is no air conditioning here.  It costs too much to install and too much to run air conditioning, and the people are used to not having it.  The open sides, hopefully, will give us good air movement from the outdoors.  If there is not sufficient air movement from the outside, we will have to install big fans in the ceiling.

6.  An enclosed complex can be air conditioned and better protected, than open sides.

See above.

7.  Why will people want to come to this complex for training, where will you feed them, where are the restrooms, additional classrooms, will different groups meet under the same roof.?

Good points.

a. They will want to come here, because it is larger than anything else in the area, and will be able to accommodate crowds that will not fit anywhere else, and because only here will they be able to get the teaching they need without going to San Pedro Sula or some other faraway place.

b. Good point.  I had not thought about feeding them.  We will need a large kitchen and a place to seat perhaps 1,000 people at a time for meals.  Perhaps we will need more than one such facility.  I need to add that to the vision.

c. Restrooms will have to be a separate building(s) as you show on your diagram.

d. I don’t see any reason for extra classrooms, but I may be wrong.

e. I do plan for different groups to meet under the same roof, but not at the same time, unless it is a very unusual circumstance, but we might have occasion to split up into two or more small groups for teaching, for example teach the women separate from the men and the boy teenagers separate from the girl teenagers for some of the teachings.

8.  Did you actually hear the Lord tell you to build a city in this area?

a. Yes, see Richard Eberiga prophecy elsewhere on this site.  Even if you don’t call it a new city, once you build all of these buildings and houses in one place it will draw sufficient people to make a city, so why not make it an official city and thus have the control over the area for such things as mayor, police, taxes, etc.  It is much better to approach the government and dot all of your I’s and cross all of your T’s and make it all official before you begin construction.  That way we don’t get shut down in the middle of the project by some disgruntled group who shall remain nameless. We must do everything legal and above board with all of the correct government documents done ahead of time.  Also, after reading your last email, I suddenly realized what the Lord may be doing.  By proposing to build a “humanitarian” city based on new rules guaranteed to bless the people of Northwest Honduras and help them out of poverty, we get all of the funding we need and the training center, church, etc. can simply be added as necessary parts of the project.  If we had to sell just the spiritual parts as a standalone project, it would be much, much harder to get funding.  Do you see it?

b. That brings up another idea.  There is another model that is a “distributed” model.  The concept says that each of the churches should have at least one humanitarian project associated with it.  For example, one church may have an orphanage, and another church may have a school, and another may have a clinic, and another may have a feeding program (and thus need a warehouse.)  This is another way to do what was prophesied.  The various buildings and services could be “distributed” to the various churches, but somehow I think a “city” is better.  However, we still should think about the other eleven churches being associated each with a humanitarian project.

This could go on and on and on, investors will ask questions.

Sure, it is a training center, not a church.  That is what the Lord called it in the prophecy of a year and a half ago, and that is what I am calling it.

The Site map 1 showed supporting buildings around the complex. It was created in MS Office 2003, word document. When you open the document, locate actual page button on the tool bar at top. It was to show you want will be needed to support this training complex, it isn’t drawn to detail. The bus area is again an example of what it may look like, again we are wide open for this, but I recommend utilizing the main roads into this area, and the bus drop offs be both at the top and bottom of the site.

I was finally able to open this file and view it properly.  I don’t see any reason to have the extra classrooms, but I could be wrong.  Needs more prayer.  Also, I would like to park buses on all sides of the complex in order to have more room to park them, and to have more freedom to get them in an out, so that any one bus can be parked or un-parked at any time.  We may also need a whole block or more dedicated to a parking lot for cars (with perhaps a few overflow buses.)  Don’t know.


Missionary James Young

Quimistan, Honduras

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