2005 Vision


Camalote, Santa Barbara, Honduras

Camalote, Santa Barbara, Honduras Area

The vision centers around a large Tabernacle Training Center / Revival Center in Camalote, Santa Barbara, Honduras.  The center consists of a 200 foot diameter, open-sided building to accommodate over 3,000 people, a smaller building for the Camalote congregation, buildings for a missionary house, a pastor’s house, and an office building for the missionary and his staff.

Three of these buildings have been started.  Additional buildings to be built are a restroom, storage building, dormitory, and Sunday school building.  A parking lot will be built for 40 buses to bring people to the conferences.  Also to be built are roads, street lights, power lines, water lines, septic tanks, sewer lines, cable TV lines, satellite Internet reception equipment, chairs and a large sound system.



Map of Camalote, Santa Barbara, Honduras area

Map of Camalote, Santa Barbara, Honduras area

Also to be built are homes, an orphanage, a school, a clinic, a social center and a warehouse.  Nine acres have already been purchased, and additional land will be purchased to accommodate all of these buildings.

Spiritually, this will be a place for teaching the people what they need to know to go back out into the harvest field and bring in the harvest in the end days revival.  This will be a place where God will pour out his Spirit on all flesh—a place of miracles, signs and wonders and great anointing, and a place where the presence of God will reside, and where thousands of people will be saved and healed.

It will also be a place where all 30 of the churches in the greater Quimistan area can have combined united meetings that will bring together all denominations in one place—a very special place ordained by God to be built and used to honor and glorify Him.

Hondurus in Central America

Honduras in Central America - North is Gualemala, South Nicaragua

In addition to the teaching center, land will be purchased and church buildings constructed for the twelve churches (and others as the work expands) in the northwest Honduras area.  Each of these will be built and equipped to fit the model of each church being a center for one or more of an orphanage, a school, a clinic, or a feeding center for the people.


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