10/16/06 Word via Prophet Richard Eberiga in San Antonio


Do you have any connection with the government? Because God’s going to give you favor with the government. Don’t think that all the people are poor (in Honduras). There’s money in the land; and God will begin to stir the money that’s in the land in your direction.

I saw acres of land coming into your possession. You will have acres of land that will be transferred that will come into your hands. I saw a structure that will house child-related services and an educational program that will come out of that. You will find help coming out of [Tulsa] Oklahoma. And you’ll find people in the business world will begin to buy into the dream and the vision that God has given to you from tonight on. Mark the word of God: “From tonight on.”

You will find yourself standing before people that have muscles to be able to make things happen for you. But I saw the need also for you to repackage yourself, and re-present yourself in a legible manner where it would have the appeal. If you have diamond, and it’s not packaged properly, it looks like a rock that has no value. But when you package a diamond properly, it increases the value; it makes it attractive. And so the Lord said to tell you, “Re-package yourself. Make yourself marketable.” Not in a negative sense, but make what you’re doing probable and presentable because of the people that God will begin to open doors for you to meet with will need to make this connection, but they are people that are visual.

They’ve got to see it, they’ve got to see it laid out, because that’s how they tick. And you don’t want to miss out on one of those opportunities. But [Tulsa] Oklahoma will open up its bowels, and you’ll find gifts and favor coming out of the state of Oklahoma, and God will set you up before businessmen. Not necessarily religious people, but businessmen, kingdom people that will be a blessing to what you’re doing and what God has raised you up to do. And you’ll birth a business in that region, there is something there that is ignored that will make money. They ignore it, but in that which is ignored and despised is wealth and riches and money.

There is an exchange that will take place that will bring some relevancy to it. Be very mindful of the business connections that God will give to you and people that God will bring into your life, said the Spirit of God.

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