The taxi driver on the left, and the young man he hit.

 Boy Healed After Bicycle/Taxi Crash Northwest Honduras Missions

I was praying one morning, and the Lord told me to fast that day, so I did.  Later in the morning, I was standing on the street in front of the Hondutel (telephone) office, when I noticed some youngmen on their bicycles doing a very dangerous thing.  They were riding back and forth across the main concrete street of Quimistan, and were not looking either way for traffic.

Suddenly I heard a crash, and I looked over there and saw that one of the young men on his bicycle had been hit by a Taxi.  I was only about 50 or 100 feet away, and I quickly ran over.  I noticed that the young man was staggering around, foaming at the mouth.  He was having convulsions and his eyes were rolled back in his head.  He had obviously hit his head on the concrete and suffered from a serious head injury.

Boy Healed After I Prayed For Him

Somehow the spirit of faith came on me with healing anointing, and I placed my hand on his head.  I prayed for him in tongues with all of my heart.  After a few minutes, he quit convulsing, quit foaming at the mouth, quit staggering around, and his eyes rolled back to normal.  He was obviously healed.  Praise the Lord Jesus Heals Today!

by:  Apos­tle, James Young, Mis­sion­ary from United States, work­ing together with North­west Hon­duras Vision c/o Global Net­works Inter­na­tional Mis­sions are ded­i­cated to train, equip and strengthen Hon­duras nation­als and local pas­tors to pro­claim­ing the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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