Dunia, a member of Pastor Lito and Yolanda's church, was in one of the church meetings one night, Northwest Honduras Missions


Dunia, a member of Pastor Lito and Yolanda’s church, healed and raised from dead

It was in one of the church meetings one night, and Dunia began to feel sick.  She left the service, went home, and went to bed and died.

Her live-in boyfriend, not knowing what else to do, ran back up to the church, and summoned Pastor Lito and Yolanda.  They prayed diligently until Dunia was raised from the dead.

Later, Missionary James ministered to her about open doors allowing satan attacking your life and even killing you.  Dunis living in sin and living with a man not married.  I explained to her that she needed to get married, or ditch the boyfriend.  Which she did.

Dunia has a call on her life to be a prophetess, and Satan wanted to take her out, but he could not!  She is doing well today, and pursuing the Lord.

This is not a normal death.  The area has witches and voodoo people who pray hexes on people and on Dunis because of sin.  If you have all the doors closed (no unrepentant sin in your life), they have no way to attack you.

by:  Apos­tle, James Young, Mis­sion­ary from United States, work­ing together with North­west Hon­duras Vision c/o Global Net­works Inter­na­tional Mis­sions are ded­i­cated to train, equip and strengthen Hon­duras nation­als and local pas­tors to pro­claim­ing the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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