Alive! After Fatal Taxi Crash!Taxi Driver Raised From Dead – Alive and Healed Northwest Honduras

Alive and healed After Fatal Taxi Crash

This taxi driver was hit by a truck or bus in the downtown area of Quimistan. He flew out of taxi and landed on the concrete street, and died immediately. An missionary evangelist in right place waiting for buses saw the accident.

Prayers to Jesus Work – From Fatal Crash, Taxi Driver Raised From Dead and Healed

The missionary evangelist ran to the victim with several people were standing around the taxi driver. The missionary evangelist wanted to pray for the taxi driver. The people said he was crazy since the boy is dead. The evangelist prayed and the man was raised from the dead alive again and healed and restored. The last I heard he was still driving a taxi in Quimistan.

by:  Apos­tle, James Young, Mis­sion­ary from United States, work­ing together with North­west Hon­duras Vision c/o Global Net­works Inter­na­tional Mis­sions are ded­i­cated to train, equip and strengthen Hon­duras nation­als and local pas­tors to pro­claim­ing the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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