Healing Testimonies Northwest Honduras Missions:

Salvation Testimonies Northwest Honduras Missions:

Ministry to Broken Hearted Women Northwest Honduras Missions – Missonary, Lindakae Tucker from California

Many of the women in Honduras are hurting or have a broken heart, because of the way they have tradionally been mistreated – often as second class citizens and no better than dogs in some cases. 


In addition many of the homes in Honduras are broken homes in which the woman and the children live alone (see pictures Honduras Children), and the man has abandoned them for a younger prettier wife or for other reasons. 


Adding to the problem is the fact that a large percentage of so-called marriages are really just partners in fornication, thus they are cursed.  This fornication problem is especially prevalent in the mountains, where the people are very, very poor, and $15.00 for a marriage license is just not available, or so they think.


The Holy Spirit is using the anointing that destroys the yoke of bondage to make a difference.  In those churches where the annointing is strong, the Holy Spirit is touching hearts, and convicting partners to get married, and many are doing so and healing broken hearted women.  One church recently had a wedding for seven couples at one time.  More pictures of weddings in Honduras


The following photos show one missionary who is making a great difference, because she has a powerful annointing to minister to hurting women.  The Holy Spirit is using her mightily to heal broken hearts, and deliver and free women from the demonic forces that have plagued them.  Please meet Missionary Lindakae Tucker from California (Missionary Lyn as she was known in these photos.)


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by: Apos­tle, James Young, Mis­sion­ary from United States, work­ing together with North­west Hon­duras Vision c/o Global Net­works Inter­na­tional Mis­sions are ded­i­cated to train, equip and strengthen Hon­duras nation­als and local pas­tors to pro­claim­ing the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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