Camalote.Quimistan, Santa Barbara, Honduras

Christian Training Center: Ministry Leadership Training Center / Tabernacle Revival Center Bible College Complex on 7 Acres of Land Northwest Honduras:

Mision Nacional Nueva Vida Honduras and Global Networks Emergency Response

Purpose of Missions Building Project, Christian Training Center: Ministry Leadership Training Center / Tabernacle Revival Center Bible College Northwest Honduras.

Train new and existing leaders to be Pastors, Prophets, Apostles, Teachers and Evangelists, and send them out to many other parts of Latin America – Evaneglism of Soul by changing the atmosphere through worship by coming together to touch lives, great miracles, the name of Jesus  Christ be known with great outporing of the Lord.

Vision 2005, Vision 2007

Needs: Monies, misson workers, builders, teachers, preachers, evangelists, etc. or anyone who would like to give their time – short-term or long-term msision: Hondurus projects mission trips.

The christian training center on seven acres of land, building missions projects, training center:

  • Church Planting Project Development, El Fruto del Espiritu  – 5,000 sq. ft. (Almost complete) (see pictures below),
  • Ministry Leadership Training Center / Tabernacle Revival Center Bible College for 4,000+ people for Bible College and Ministry Leadership Training Center for meetings (land cleared, graded).  Read more about the Ministry Leadership Training Center / Tabernacle Revival Center Bible College
  • Restroom building with showers,
  • Missonary House with meeting/training room (leadership training local pastors) –2 story, 2000 sq. ft. (approx. 3/4 complete).  Mission Trip Projects: long-term and short term missionaries volunteeing time  (see pictures below),
  • Pastor’s house (see pictures below),
  • Administration/Office Bldg.
  • Sunday School Building,
  • Dormitory Building,
  • Bus Parking lot for 40-50 buses,
  • Cafeteria Building,
  • Prayer Center (temporary structure recently torn down–to be re-built as a permanent open-air structure),
  • Small cooking/eating/serving center (existing temporary structure to be re-built as a permanent open-air structure),
  • Concrete and concrete block arroyo (drainage structure)

Christian Training Center Conference Center

Ministry Leadership Training Center / Tabernacle Revival Center Bible CollegeShort-term long-term trips to help build projects.
The large eight-sided building is the 4,000+ seat training center ( Bible College ) and revival center.
  • The smaller eight-sided building- cafeteria,
  • The small building between them is the restroom/showers.
  • The large building between them is a five-room combination Sunday School bldg. and Tablernacle Revival Center Bible School Leadership Training room bldg.
  • At the top, from left to right: Administration building, pastor’s house, the house for missionaries and the prayer center.
  • Just below them from left to right is the dormitory and the Bible School Leadership Training rooms.

The blue area is a concrete canal drainage structure. In the future all of the green area to the right (east) will be a big lake, and the little dirt road at the bottom will be a two-lane or four-lane international highway.

 Current Projects

The Missionary House

Short-term or long term missions trips: Help finish these projects: The Missionary House, The Church and Tabernacle.
Side View of Missionary House
In process and almost comlete. James Young – 2nd Floor Visiting guest missionaries on short-term or long-term mission trips stay on first level. The Large Room is also a training room for pastor’s meeting, training sessions.
Missionary House Floorplans  
Iglesia El Fruto del Espiritu church
Side view of El Fruto del Espiritu
Pastor: Eulalio (Lito) Sanchez with Prophet Michael Mainer5,000 Square foot Church that is the largest of the Mision Nacional Nueva Vida Honduras churches.  Read on other church planting projects.

Prayer Center next to Iglesia El Fruto del Espiritu

“Welcome to Monte Sinai” (the prayer center) next to the main church. Prayer Team led by Yolanda Sanchez, Pastor Lito’s wife. The team members pray and fast continuously for the vision.

Lito and Yolanda are people of faith.

These two and their team have to deal with a lot of witchcraft prayers. Example: many huge snakes in Missionary House and they prained the snakes out. On one of their 21-day fast the Lord to correct serious internal problems in the Ministry leadership.

“The effectual, fervent prayer of a righteous man [or woman] avails much.” James 5:16b

Federal Government of Honduras Build New Highway.  The new international highway in front of The Christian Training Center. The Federal Government plans to build a damn at La Ceibita creating a new lake least of the ministry properly for the creation of power to the area. This will create new jobs and opportunities for the people.   The Government Project will open up the next phase… City of Refuge Project.
Unconfirmed–Still Praying About:
  • Additional Leadership Training Center rooms
  • Bible College Building
  • Diesel Generator


Missionary Project Development Links (missonary looking for projects – Short-term Long-term Mission Trips:

Church Planting Project Development 15 Churches

Ministry Leadership Training / Tabernacle Revival Center Bible College

Main Church on 7 Acre Complex – Fruto Del Espiritu Church, Pastor Lito Sanchez

Christian Training Center on a 7 Acre Complex, church, prayer center, training, missionary house, administrative buildings

City of Refuge Economic Develoment

How You Can Contribute:

1.  By Giving: We need your donations. Now is the time to sow some big seeds into this vision, and the soil doesn’t get much better than this. Monies needed. If you want 501-c3 credit for your income taxes, please send your check, made out to “Global Networks Emergency Response” (in memo field put ” James Young”) to:

Northwest Honduras Vision
c/o Global Networks Emergency Response
Pastor Robert Y. Simpkins, Sr., Executive Director
3488 Barkers Mill Rd.
Clarksville , TN 37042
) 552-3595
(931) 431-9605
Mobile : (931) 624-9133
Fax: (931) 431-9626

Missionary James Young  is a permanent resident of Honduras. If you do not need 501-C3 reporting for your taxes, please send your donation to him directly via MoneyGram, Western Union or direct wire transfer (write for instructions) as follows:

Send MoneyGram or Western Union to:
James Wayne Young
State: Santa Barbara
Country: Honduras
(504) 9623-2584

You can send the code number to him via this email address:
If you have any questions, please call him at:
011 (504) 9623-2584

Or email him at

You can buy a ” Mexico ” type phone card at many convenience stores or at Quik Trip, Raceway or other gas stations for $5.00 that will allow you to call Honduras and talk for 30 minutes, or $10.00 for one hour.

God bless you all, and please keep praying for us,
Missionary/Apostle James Young
Camalote.Quimistan, S.B., Honduras
Global Networks Emergency Response (Alabama)
and Mision Nacional Nueva Vida de Honduras
call James Young: 011-504-9623-2584

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