Mission Trip To Hondurus
I was originally invited by Lyn Lanzoni in April, 2004 to go with her and a group of other missionaries on a two-week mission trip to Guatemala and Honduras. At that time I was working for Lockheed-Martin Aircraft Company as a computer programmer making $35.00 per hour and $52.50 per hour overtime.

In July the Lord spoke to me in prayer, and told me that I was to quit my job – work for Him now. I did quit my job, and worked volunteerily for the ministry that was to host the mission trip. In July I went to Thomaston, GA for a two-weeks seminar “A More Excellent Way.” During that time, the Lord placed in my heart to “stay in Honduras. He never said how long, but everytime I thought about or mentioned “staying” in Honduras, I got joy bubbles, and would begin to laugh.

James Young Makes Two-Year Missions Commitment to Northwest Honduras

I told the head of the ministry I was suppose to “stay in Honduras.  He asked me, “how long,” and I told him I did not know, but said “a month”. He said he would pray about it, and get back with me. Later he took me he had a place for me in Northwest Honduras. The current missionary (Don Ellis) returning to states dyng of throat cancer. I was told to possibly make two-yar commitment to Northwest Honduras.   I was a little fearful, but I knew it was the Lord, so I agreed.  My mission trip went from two weeks to two years, and been there since 2004.

James Young Sells Everything for Missions Work and Move Indefinately to Northwest Honduras

While in Northwest Honduras, I kept my rent house in States, but the Lord told me to get rid of everything and burn all my bridges.  I gave away or sold everything except for a few books. Everything I brought everything I owned in two suitcases to Northwest Honduras plus laptop computer. Obedience is better than sacrifice since there were many times I wanted to quit.

I came to Northwest Honduras not knowing any Spanish, not knowing anything about the Honduras people, and was placed under two pastors who knew no English. So I had to learn Spanish quickly.  God is faithful!  I have always walked in a tremendous amount of grace in this job.  The economic conditions in Northwest Honduras are great you can get an idea from my pictures – children, Honduras wedding.


by: Apos­tle, James Young, Mis­sion­ary from United States, work­ing together with North­west Hon­duras Vision c/o Global Net­works Inter­na­tional Mis­sions are ded­i­cated to train, equip and strengthen Hon­duras nation­als and local pas­tors to pro­claim­ing the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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