The Needs Are Great in Honduras

The vision is transforming cities, transforming lives of the poor and homeless. 

Current Projects:

Current Financial Needs (40 Acre Project): Min­istry Train­ing Cen­ter Com­plex (Training/Revival Cen­ter Taber­na­cle)

 1) large tent (new or used) big enough for 1,000 persons for evangelistic campaigns.

2) two projectors to show movies in churches and in the streets.

3) $10,000 to finish the Missionary House.

4) $50,000 fund to buy land and building materials to build churches. 

5) $200,000 to pay for the first half of the 4,000 seat Tabernacle. 

Future projects: City of Refuge Economic development, build schools, hospitals, bring in businesses, airports, etc. and more… 

1) $5,000,000 to buy land and build the City of Refuge.  Read more about City of Refuge needs and read Vision given in 2007.

We do not accept any government funding and relies on individuals, churches, businesses and grants to fund its programs and services. 

Your help financially is welcomed.  Please give a big seeds into the City of Refuge vision.  If you want 501-c3 credit for your income taxes, please send your check, made out to “Global Networks Emergency Response” (in the memo field put “James Young”) to:

Northwest Honduras Vision
c/o Global Networks International Missions
Pastor Robert Y. Simpkins, Sr., Executive Director
3488 Barkers Mill Rd.
Clarksville, TN 37042
(931) 552-3595
(931) 431-9605

Mobile: (931) 624-9133
Fax: (931) 431-9626

 If you do not need 501-C3 reporting for your taxes, please send your donation to him directly via MoneyGram, Western Union or direct wire transfer (write for instructions) as follows:

Send a MoneyGram or Western Union to James, use this information:

James Wayne Young
State:  Santa Barbara
Country: Honduras
(504) 9623-2584

Special Needs:

Many people are getting saved in Honduras.  Unfortunately, they cannot afford to own a bible. Can you help purchase a case of bibles for $59.00!  Please order Version Reina-Valera, (Revision de 1960) This quality paperback Bible with valuable reader’s aids and supplements is particularly useful as a church school or beginning Bible study text.



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