Missionary James Young’s contact info.:


Camalote, Quimistan, S.B., Honduras
P.O. Box 185
San Pedro Sula, Honduras, C.A.
Global Networks International Missions
and Mission Nacional Nueva Vida de Honduras

Phone: 011 (504) 9623-2584
Email:  jwyoung2@yahoo.com
Website: http://cityofrefugehn.org

Partner With Us In Prayer

Will you partner with us?

  • Join us for our next mission trip to Honduras. Join us especially if you have construction, medical , evangelism.
  • Support us financially.   We seeks individual, corporate, and church gifts to continue its work. We are netowrked with Global Networks International Missions who is a 501-C3 organization, and able to receive corporate or individual donations.  List of donations needed.
  • Pray for us. For our teams, our finances, and for the people and churches.

Special Prayer Needs

1) Pray for a spirit of revival to hit all 15  churches.

2) Pray for the listed monies to come in.

3) Pray for Pastor Juan of 24 de Abril.  He was an on-fire young pastor for a number of years, but he seems to have slipped back into the world, and his wife is having to run the church.  Only God can change him.

4) Please pray for Pastor David, Pastor Mario, Pastor Lito, myself and the other Honduran leaders of the Honduran ministry here (Mision Nacional Nueva Vida).  They need to be working together better; they need to be helping each other more; and they need to get behind the vision the Lord has given us.  We need more unity, harmony and vision in this ministry.

5) Pray for a full-time pastor for the mountain church in Nispero.

6) Pray for Pastor Manuel de Jesus at San Marcos to come back into the fold, and cooperate with and obey the ministry leadership.  (Pray against rebellion for all the pastors and James.)

7) Pray for a resolution of the problems with the Christian TV station in Quimistan.  They need over $1,000 to pay back-bills, and they need a combination administrator, bookeeper and fund-raiser to come alongside and help, so they don’t get into trouble again.   (They have now closed their doors.)

8) Pray for sufficient funds and people to re-open the Christian Radio station in Quimistan.

9) Pray for me, that I would be closer to God, more committed, more anointed, and more healthy.

Thank you!

Missionary James Young

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