Dear Partners of the NW Honduras Mission, 8/6/11

 Well, the healing is coming along, but it is very slow.  There is still some redness (indicating infection beneath the skin), some swelling, etc.  We are continuing to treat the infection with a local natural cure, but I also hope to go back on anti-biotic pills soon, which I hope will help out.  The “ulcer” or “lesion” as they call it on the front of my lower leg is slowly healing also, but they tell me it may take up to a year to heal completely.  We are on a regimin of cleaning and sanitizing it twice a day, and putting on antibiotic salve and a fresh bandage.  I am resting as much as possible with my leg raised on two pillows.

 It is just going to take time, I guess.  I wish I were not so impatient, but I am ready to be about the Lord’s business.  I am not used to so much “down time.”

 Please, please keep praying.  I feel like you are my lifeline out of this mess.

 God bless you all,

 Missionary James Young Camalote.Quimistan, Santa Barbara, Honduras, Central America Global Networks Emergency Response (Tenn. and Ala.) and Mision Nacional Nueva Vida de Honduras cell no.:  011-504-9623-2584 PO Box 185 San Pedro Sula, Honduras, C.A.

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