Honduras is one of several Latin American countries dealing with poverty.  Most of Honduras’s population is centered in the rural areas of the country. With the majority of the population of Honduras living in rural areas more than 75% fall below the national poverty line. Honduras stands out tremendously as the western hemisphere’s poorest country for several reasons. The main reason Honduras has such great poverty can be seen by its population growth, social, and economic situations. These are some of the main contributing factors relating to the explosive poverty in Honduras that we see today.

Some of the reasons:

  • Honduras has had tremendous population growth starting from the earliest part of this century. The population has been doubling about every 25 years in rural and urban areas. This provides very unique challenge for the Honduran government.
  • Most of the people work for the wealthy land owners who have taken advantage of the population and provide them little or no wage in return.
  • Another reason for the some of the rampant poverty is the lack of basic social infrastructure.
  • One of the basic ones needed is education. When traveling through the country side of some of these rural villages some schools are so far away. The children or adult would need to travel quite a distance to get there and back which is very expensive.  Most people cannot afford the basic 1-2 dollars a month it would take to send their children to school so most children never learn to read or write which limits there potential greatly.

People like, Missionary James Young, do many things to help they donate money, time and materials to help the Hondurians to have a better life such as teaching the Word of God.

James Young need your help!  If you are looking for a worthy charity to give, this would be it.  The need is great and James vision is huge and needs your help.  How can you help James tranform cities, transform lives an make life better.

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